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Chief Human Resources Officer

King City, CA · Healthcare
Position:  Chief Human Resources Officer (Hospital) 
Location:  King City, CA
Pay Range:  $140,000 - $155,000
Employment type:  Full-Time, Permanent
Department:    Human Resources
Job Description:
Must have Healthcare or Hospital HR Management experience to be considered.

  • Identifies, addresses and implements critical human resource issues that support the achievement of the Hospital’s business objectives. 
  • The CHRO in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and Executive Team members, establishes goals, objectives and strategies to manage human resource related business needs and leads the development and execution of all HR initiatives. 
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer directs, implements and controls adherence to employment policies and procedures pertaining to employee relations, recruitment and retention, compensation, training and development. 
  • As a member of the Executive Team, the CHRO is responsible for the monitoring, implementation and recommendations for various labor contracts in conjunction with the Board and members of the Executive Team.
  • The CHRO provides support services to administration, department heads, and employees as well as acts in an advisory capacity on employee relations issues.
Essential Functions
  • Provides for the organizational structure and operational functions of the Human Resources Department based on the mission, vision, values, strategic goals and objectives determined by the Board of Trustees for the Healthcare System and for the Human Resources Department.
  • Based on the operational functions as established, provides for control and accountability of all Organizational and Human Resources Departmental aspects for the recruitment, hiring, onboarding, competency assessments, concurrent/recurrent training and retention of all organizational staff to include physicians, Advanced Practice Practitioners, staff, registry and contracted personnel.
  • As part of and in coordination with the Executive Team, researches, plans, proposes, implements and monitors the HR strategic plan based on the functions and priorities as approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Ability to analyze overall staffing requirements with Executive Team and managers as to skill sets, prerequisites, competencies, salary/benefit levels, career development ladders in order to attract, recruit and retain staff.
  • Develops, in conjunction with Education and Training and other organizational resources, needed on-boarding programs to include, overall systems perspectives, computer/EMR skills, policy/procedures/workflow training, competency assessments, documentation, on the job training, mentoring programs with monitoring, including retraining, if required.
  • Acts as a resource to Executive Team, managers, staff, in providing programs that communicate performance levels, career development, salaries/benefit comparisons enhancing dialogue between employer and employee in retaining employees.
  • Develops programs to gauge employee satisfaction levels, obtain feedback and provide recommendations to Senior Management and Board of Trustees; Requisite knowledge as to labor laws, OSHA, FEHA, WCI, SDI, labor contracts and other applicable regulations at the local, County, State and Federal level.
  • Competently develops educates and influence management by gathering facts, diagnosing problems, providing solutions and offering objective assistance and guidance on employee-related issues.
  • Consistently updates and maintains knowledge of employment law and conveys ramifications of adverse actions to managers or employees in violation of local, state or federal regulations and Hospital practice.  Guides and influences manager/employee actions to ensure compliance.
  • Acts as a resource to management personnel to ensure fair and consistent application of human resource policies and procedures.  Provides appropriate strategy and direction to managers and employees.
  • Provides diagnosis for critical employment issues posed by employees or management staff and works to resolve sensitive issues.
  • Analyzes and provides compensation recommendations and ensures equitable salary administration according to local, state, and federal regulations and in compliance with Hospital Administrative guidelines.
  • Generates trend and analysis data to compile reports that will enable management and administrative staff to increase efficiency in human resource related functions and to further organizational goals and objectives.
  • Reviews and measures performance to ensure that supervisors and employees are meeting the objectives and the needs of the Hospital.
  • Administers performance appraisal programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Implements programs designed to motivate employees and to promote maximum performance to employee retention.
  • Maintains and updates job descriptions and performance standard formats to ensure accurate employee performance appraisals and to ensure compliance with EEO, ADA, Joint Commission and other applicable standards.
  • Balances cost and benefits to ensure that programs and/or initiatives developed and implemented are in line with the cultural values and strategic HR direction of the Hospital.
  • Ensures control by effectively developing, communicating and implementing organization policies and procedures.
  • Maintains personnel files, ensures complete and up-to-date records are on hand at all times, and that license renewals are validated in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations an in compliance with Joint Commission standards.
  • Generates personnel-related forms and procedures to ensure implementation of applicable policies and procedures.
  • Generates Human Resource related policies and procedures to meet the cultural values and strategic direction of Hospital Administration.
  • Provides service to the organization in terms of employee relations, retention and recruitment, compensation and benefits managements and human resource development.
  • Ability to assess benefit levels, managerial vendor performance, comparative costs and levels of service;
  • Negotiation skills for recruitment firms and temporary agencies;
  • Coordinates recruitment methods to ensure that the Hospital recruits and retains top talent;
  • Coordinates, designs and/or delivers operations, employee relations and other organizational training and development on an “as needed” basis and to meet strategic goals and objectives;
  • Administers health insurance, Workers’ Compensation, retirement savings plan, etc. and periodically reviews efficiencies to ensure that Hospital Employees receive the greatest value for these benefits at the lowest cost and that they meet the organization’s cultural values and strategic goals.
  • Ability to anticipate, provide/develop solutions and implementation strategy on the above to the Management/Executive Team and Board of Trustees.
  • Promotes a Team player mentality with the ability to work cooperatively with superiors, peers, subordinates, Managerial/Executive Team including the Board of Trustees;
  • Attends Board of Trustee, Executive (Administrative Council), Management Team, Departmental, staff meetings and in-service programs.
  • Attends all mandatory meetings and in-service programs.
  • Attends and participates in appropriate staff meetings.
  • Attends workshops required to maintain/update skills and knowledge
Policies and Procedures
  • Learns new procedures and accepts new assignments within reasonable timeframes, to be agreed upon by the employee and supervisor.
  • Maintains an awareness of changes in policies, procedures and protocol.
  • Arrives on time and prepared to start assignment.
  • Does not abuse paid time off.
  • Maintains universal precautions.
  • Attends department and other meetings as required.
  • Complies with Hospital confidentiality, safety, infection control, and exposure control policies.
  • Assists patients with courtesy regardless of age, gender, nationality and disability without prejudice or bias.
  • Complies with all policies and procedures as outlined in the adopted Policy and Procedures manual.
  • Wears I.D. badge.
  • Has completed mandatory safety and security education including annual fire/safety and hazardous materials review.
  • Demonstrates correct use of fire extinguisher.
  • Complies with annual physical examination as required.
Customer Service
  • Complies with the Hospital’s twelve customer service standards.
  • Establishes and maintains a cooperative relationship with patients, staff and other individuals. Listens to and respects the ideas, feelings and opinions of others.
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills by conveying necessary information accurately, listening effectively and asking pertinent questions when clarification is needed.
  • Demonstrates good judgment in handling situations not covered by written or verbal instructions.
  • Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances in a way that promotes cooperation and minimizes disruption in working environment.
  • Follows written and verbal instructions of supervisor.
  • Interacts with fellow employees in a way that promotes harmonious and cooperative working environment.
  • Recognizes and resolves problems; troubleshoots malfunctions in procedures and uses alternative methods if available.
  • Coordinates efforts of work effectively with others in a way that is productive.
  • Coordinates efforts of effective work activities that contribute to Hospital needs.
Education and Certifications
  • Degree in Business Administration, Human Resources or related field, Required.
  • Post Graduate Degree, preferred.
  • HR Certification, Preferred               
  • Minimum of three (3) years progressive Human Resources management experience in a managerial or director role in a Healthcare or Hospital organization.
  • Knowledge of fundamental and advanced principles and practices of Human Resource Management to include but not limited to:  Knowledge of all facets of Employment law and applicable healthcare related state and federal regulations
  • Familiar with The Joint Commission standards
  • Experience in healthcare environment and labor management, strongly preferred
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